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Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration is varied and complex. The table below offers the most complete and user-friendly source for Canadian Immigration. It contains the entire federal and provincial nominee programs, which allow prospective applicants to immigrate to Canada. Please select one of the Federal Canadian Immigration programs or one of the many Provincial Nominee Programs to learn about their requirements, processing times, and fees. Please note that the grid only lists the programs that directly lead to obtaining permanent resident status in Canada. This does not include programs such as the Canada live-in caregiver program, the Canada visitor visa, or the temporary work permit.

Using the Government Directly

Please see Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website.

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Federal Immigration Programs Click Here
Provincial Nominee Programs Click the province below:
Yukon TerritoryBritish ColumbiaAlbertaSaskatchewanManitobaNew FoundlandPrince Edward IslandNew BurnswickNova Scotia
Federal Immigration Programs
Alberta Provincial Nominee Programs
Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programs
Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Programs
Ontario Provincial Nominee Programs
Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Programs
British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programs
New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programs
Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programs
Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Programs
Yukon Provincial Nominee Programs

For informationthe Northwest Territories Nominee Program, please contact the territorial government.

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