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Canadian Permanent Resident Travel Document

Canadian travel document application is for permanent residents who are outside Canada and who do not have a valid permanent resident card to return to Canada. Travel documents are issued to permanent residents abroad to provide proof to a transportation company that the holder is entitled to re-enter Canada as a permanent resident.

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Using the Government Directly

To apply, click here to visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website.


What we do for you if you purchase our service:

  • We review every part of your application to ensure it is complete, accurate and mistake-free; not offered by the government.
  • We complete the application for you if you require it; not offered by the government.
  • We advise you of any additional steps you need to take and of any additional documentation you must provide; the government offers only general guidelines, not specific advice.
  • We advise you of any problems you may encounter from filing the application; not offered by the government.
  • We verify all supporting documentation prior to submission; not offered by the government.
  • We give you unlimited business-hours phone support from 8am-6pm EST.
  • We respond to most questions within 1 business day.
  • We track the status of your application for you.


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Am I eligible for a Canadian Travel Document?

In order to be eligible, you have to:

  • be a permanent resident of Canada;
  • be outside of Canada at the time of the filing of your Canadian Travel Document Application;
  • not be under an effective removal order;
  • and not be a Canadian citizen or a registered Indian under the Indian Act.

What are the issues we can help you with?

We can help you if:

  • You are stranded overseas without your PR Card.
  • You have stayed out of Canada for a few years.
  • You have already submitted your Permanent Resident Card application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada but you urgently need to go on a trip and need to return without any problems.

We will help you with:

  • Completing your application and advising you which supporting documents you will require. This will ensure that all requirements are met.
  • Giving information on up-to-date regulations and requirements.
  • We will provide you with the Canadian embassy's location, the times of operation, and other requirements prior to you filing the Travel Document application.

Our Services

A. Travel Document - Regular Service

Step 1 Place your order by choosing the Place Your Order button below. You could download the Travel Document application package once payment has been processed.
Step 2 Complete the forms.
Step 3 Fax us the forms for a review prior to submitting your package to Immigroup. Our fax number is 416-640-2650.
Step 4 We will contact you to confirm everything is in order and assist you with any necessary supporting documents, or other requirements.
  Service Fee $ 250.00
HST $ 32.50
Total CDN $ 282.50
** Please note when you submit your paperwork at the consulate a Government fee of $50 needs to be paid.
* If you became a Permanent Resident prior to 1978 processing time may be longer.

B. Permanent Residency - Status in Jeopardy

If you are close to or have passed the required 1095 days outside of Canada to maintain your status as a Permanent Resident, then your Permanent Resident status is in jeopardy. We charge a higher fee because this file takes a lot more work. You have too much to lose, so our firm will do everything possible to submit a complete and thorough file.
Service Fee $ 550.00
HST $ 71.50
Total CDN $ 621.50
**Please note when you submit your paperwork at the consulate, embassy or high commission, a GOVERNMENT FEE of $50 needs to be paid.


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