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PNP International Students Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Students category is for students who have graduated from a post-secondary educational institution in the province and have worked in Saskatchewan for at least six months under a work permit in the field of their study. The Students category allows international students to obtain permanent residency in the province sooner than applying through the federal skilled worker program. If you are unsure whether you qualify for immigration to Canada under the Saskatchewan Students provincial nominee program, book a consultation with one of our qualified immigration consultants.

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Using the Government Directly

To apply, contact the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.

What we do for you if you purchase our service:

  • We review every part of your application to ensure it is complete, accurate and mistake-free;
  • We complete the application for you if you require it;
  • We advise you of any additional steps you need to take and of any additional documentation you must provide;
  • We advise you of any problems you may encounter from filing the application;
  • We verify all supporting documentation prior to submission;
  • We give you unlimited business-hours phone support from 8am-6pm EST;
  • We respond to most questions within 1 business day;
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International Student Category Application Priority
Our Service
Saskatchewan International Student Program Fees
Application Process

International Student Category Application Priority

In order to qualify for the international student category of immigration applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have graduated with a degree, diploma or certificate from a post-secondary school in the province. The program must have been at least one academic year long of full-time study;
  • Have worked for an employer in the province for at least six months under a Citizenship and Immigration Canada post-graduation work permit. The occupation must be related to the field of study;
  • Have a current, permanent, full-time job offer from the current employer

Our Service

We guarantee that your application will be accurate and complete, and in accordance with Canadian immigration law. The average time for Immigroup to complete a student visa application is 2-4 weeks. If you are unsure as to whether you will qualify under the Student visa category of immigration, you can book a consultation appointment  to get started. At your consultation appointment, we will ask you additional qualifying questions, and answer any questions you may have. We charge a fee of CDN $75 for this consultation. This fee will be deducted from our total fees if you retain our services.

Saskatchewan International Student Program Fees

The fees for an application for the International Student category are as follows:

Immigroup representation CDN $3000 + tax
There is no PNP application fee for Saskatchewan  
Permanent residence application fee CDN $550 *
Right of permanent residence fee CDN $490 *

* Government fees are based on only one person in the application. Fees will vary depending on number of persons included in application. Applicants may be required to pay additional fees for medical exams, police certificates, language assessments, courier fees or adding dependents to the application.

Application Process

The following are the application forms for the Saskatchewan Students category of the provincial nominee program:

Students Category Checklist:
Use this checklist to make sure all documents are in order

2-6 Months
Foreign Student Post Graduation Work Permit Application:
The main application for the student category of provincial nomination
Employer Information, Declaration and Release Form:
A declaration by the employer that all contracts and offers are valid

Permanent Residence Application:
Application For Permanent Residence:
Principal application form for Permanent Residence.

4-12 Months
Schedule 1:
Must be completed by each person over the age of 18 who is included in the application
Aditional Family Information:
This form asks that the main applicant provide information about his/her family.
Schedule 4 [economic class]:
Provincial nominees must complete this form along with all other required forms for permanent residency

In order to be issued a visa, all candidates must meet criminal and medical admissibility requirements. Applicants considered inadmissible to Canada may be denied a visa.

Applications of applicants in Canada will be processed by the Canadian Consulate General in BuffaloThe applicant may be required to attend an interview at the Consulate in Buffalo or in Seattle, WA. Requirements for residency applications may vary depending on the country of citizenship of the applicant.


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