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Do you need to prove when you or your parent became a Canadian citizenship?

Are you looking for someone to help you establish when you or your parent

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Search of Citizenship Records

Search of Citizenship Records Application

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You may need to file a search of citizenship records request if:

  • You need to prove your Canadian citizenship but do not have the necessary documents to get (or replace) a Canadian citizenship certificate. (You need proof of citizenship to apply for a Canadian passport, among other privileges.)
  • You need to prove your parent or grandparent was a Canadian citizen.
  • You are a permanent resident and you need to demonstrate to your home country that you haven't been naturalized in Canada, but you cannot apply for a PR Card (or your home country will not accept a PR Card as proof of status).
  • You are attempting to get a passport from another country and you need to prove that you, your parent or your grandparent was not naturalized in Canada at a given point in time.

You can find the application here.

If you are not a citizen, and would like to be, you can use our handy residence calculator to see if you qualify: