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UK Passport Application in Canada

Renew Your British Passport or Get Your First UK Passport

If you are a British citizen by birth, naturalization, or descent (British parent), you are a British citizen and entitled to carry a UK passport.

UK passports can be renewed within one year of their expiration, or at any time if the visa pages are full. British Passports that have been lost or stolen can be replaced at any time.

If you have never had a United Kingdom passport, but you were born in the UK or one of your parents was a British citizen at the time of your birth, you can apply for your first British passport at any time. The UK recognizes dual citizenship, so you can carry both a British and a Canadian passport.

Are you in the United States? Get a British Passport from America

Download UK Passport Application

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UK Passport Cost and Processing Time

Who can get a British Passport?

Overseas United Kingdom Passport Application from Canada

What documents do you need to renew a UK Passport? (Or get your first)

Applying for a child's British Passport

UK Passport photo requirements

UK Passport Countersignatory

Born outside the UK to a British Mother before 1983 or to an Unmarried Father before July 1, 2006 (Registration as a British Citizen)

Living and Working in the UK

Other types of UK passports


British Passport Cost and Processing Time

British passport applications submitted from Canada take an average of 6 to 8 weeks for processing. It is not possible to expedite the processing in any way, so it is recommended that you do not make travel plans until you have received your new passport. Any original documents you submitted with your passport application, such as an expired passport or birth certificate, will be returned to you in a separate courier package.

On April 7, 2014 application fees for all United Kingdom passports went down due to more efficient processing in the UK.

United Kingdom Passport Cost
  Renewal Lost or Stolen First
Adult $544.25 $627.87 $627.87
Child $489.25 $572.87 $572.87
Extra 12 visa pages +$50 +$50 +$50


Who can get a UK Passport?

UK citizenship law is very complicated and has changed many times just since the 1980s. Whether or not you are a British citizen depends on several factors, including where and when you were born, where and when your parents were born, whether your parents were married, and how your parents became British citizens.

British Passport and Citizenship Eligibility
  Born before Jan 1, 1983 Born Jan 1, 1983 to Jun 30, 2006 Born Jul 1, 2006 and after
Born in UK 1 parent must be British 1 parent must be British
Born outside UK to British Mom must register as British citizen
Born outside UK to British Dad, parents married
Born outside UK to British Dad, parents never married



Under most circumstances you cannot inherit British citizenship through a British grandparent, and British citizenship is not transmitted to the second generation born outside the United Kingdom. However, there are exceptional circumstances when this sometimes occurs. If you're not sure whether you are a British citizen, contact us.


Overseas United Kingdom Passport Application from Canada

Download UK Passport Application
Renewal First
Renew ADULT UK Passport Get Your FIRST ADULT UK Passport
Renew CHILD UK Passport Get Your FIRST CHILD UK Passport

The application process for getting a British passport from Canada has changed several times in the past few years. As recently as 2009, applications were sent to the British High Commission in Ottawa. Then until 2013 applications were sent to the British High Commission in Washington D.C. Now, all passport applications are sent to the processing centre in Durham, UK.

The British government has stated that processing all applications within the UK has allowed them to reduce production costs and cut application fees as a result.


Documents to get a UK Passport from Canada

The documents you need to support your application for a British passport from Canada vary depending if it is a renewal, first passport, or if your last passport was lost, stolen, or issued before the modern maroon-coloured passports came into use. 

Renewing a UK with a maroon cover

  • most recently issued British passport
  • 2 UK Passport photos
  • completed application forms
  • passport fee

First UK passport, last British passport lost or stolen, or last UK passport with black cover

  • original long-form birth certificate
  • original Canadian or other passport
  • British parent's original long-form birth certificate if born outside Canada or in the UK after 1983
  • parents' marriage certificate if only father was British
  • British parent's original British passport, if available
  • 2 UK passport photos
  • completed application forms
  • passport fee


Applying for a child's UK passport

Download British Passport Application
Renewal First
Renew CHILD UK Passport Get Your FIRST CHILD UK Passport


Minors under 16 years old must have their parents' permission to receive a British passport. Both parents must give written consent for the passport to be issued to the child, and the forms must be completed by the one of the child's parents (preferably the British parent).

All applications for a United Kingdom passport for minors must have the countersignatory section completed for verification of the parent's identity.


UK Passport Photo Requirements

You must submit two identical British passport photos with every application. The photos have to meet these requirements or your application will be delayed while you submit new photos:

  • professionally printedul
  • in color
  • plain white or light gray background
  • taken within 30 days
  • photo size: 35 - 45mm
  • face size in photo: 29 - 34mm from chin to top of hair
  • facing the camera head on with neutral expression (not smiling)
  • eyes must be open and unobstructed by hair, hats, or frames of glasses



UK Passport Countersignatory

A Countersignatory is a person who signs your passport application and photo as your guarantor. This means that they are verifying that the information you have provided on the application is true. The person acting as your countersignatory has to provide their contact information so that Her Majesty's Passport Office can contact them.

Your countersignatory cannot be a relative, cannot live at the same address as you, and cannot work for the passport service.

Only people in certain professions can act as the countersignatory for your British passport application, including:

  •     accountant
  •     airline pilot
  •     articled clerk of a limited company
  •     assurance agent of recognised company
  •     bank/building society official
  •     barrister
  •     chairman/director of limited company
  •     chiropodist
  •     commissioner of oaths
  •     councillor - eg local or county
  •     civil servant (permanent), but not someone who works for Her Majesty’s Passport Office
  •     dentist
  •     director/manager of a VAT-registered charity
  •     director/manager/personnel officer of a VAT-registered company
  •     engineer - with professional qualifications
  •     financial services intermediary - eg a stockbroker or insurance broker
  •     fire service official
  •     funeral director
  •     insurance agent (full time) of a recognised company
  •     journalist
  •     Justice of the Peace
  •     legal secretary - fellow or associate member of the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs
  •     licensee of public house
  •     local government officer
  •     manager/personnel officer of a limited company
  •     member, associate or fellow of a professional body
  •     Member of Parliament
  •     Merchant Navy officer
  •     minister of a recognised religion - including Christian Science
  •     nurse - RGN or RMN
  •     officer of the armed services
  •     optician
  •     paralegal - certified paralegal, qualified paralegal or associate member of the Institute of Paralegals
  •     person with honours - eg an OBE or MBE
  •     pharmacist
  •     photographer - professional
  •     police officer
  •     Post Office official
  •     president/secretary of a recognised organisation
  •     Salvation Army officer
  •     social worker
  •     solicitor
  •     surveyor
  •     teacher, lecturer
  •     trade union officer
  •     travel agent - qualified
  •     valuer or auctioneer - fellows and associate members of the incorporated society
  •     Warrant Officers and Chief Petty Officers

Born outside the UK to a British Mother before 1983 or to a Unmarried British Father before July 1, 2006

Register as a British Citizen

Before January 1, 1983 British citizenship could only be transmitted by descent from a father to his "legitimate" children. At this time, all children born in the UK became British citizens. But, for children born outside the UK whose mother but not whose father was British, they could not inherit British citizenship and obtain a UK passport.

Now these people can apply for what's called Registration as a British citizen. This application shows that had the law been different, the applicant would have acquired British citizenship through their mother.

Unfortunately people in these circumstances cannot simply apply for a British passport. First, they must complete the registration process which includes swearing an oath of loyalty to the Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, at the British consulate closest to their residence. Then, once they receive their certificate of registration they may apply for a UK passport.

The entire process of getting your British passport if you need to register as a British citizen in this way takes approximately 4 to 8 months to complete.

For more information, please see our page on Registration as a British Citizen.

Living and Working in the UK once you get your UK passport

Once you have obtained a British passport, if you wish to relocate to the UK, you will have to apply for what's called a National Insurance Number. This number serves the same purpose as a Social Insurance Number in Canada, or a Social Security Number in the US, and will allow you to work and receive government services in the UK.

Part of obtaining a National Insurance Number is an interview which takes place in the UK. You will need to show your United Kingdom passport at this interview to prove you are eligibile to receive a NIN, and they will ask you why you need the number.

You can technically start working in the UK without a NIN, but you will need to provide it to your employer as soon as you receive it.

For more information on applying for a National Insurance Number to work in the UK, please refer to this site:


Other Types of UK Passports

Certain people besides British citizens are eligible to carry British passports. Specifically, a British Protected Person is someone born in a former British colony who has been granted Protected Person status by the British government due to strife within their home country. This allows them to travel on a special British passport despite not being a British citizen.

To renew a British Protected Person passport, the application process is the same. However, if a British Protected Person ever naturalizes in another country (such as becoming a Canadian citizen), they lose their protected person status and cannot renew their British passport.

Previously citizens of Hong Kong were able to carry UK passports as well. It is no longer to simply renew a Hong Kong British passport - any person from Hong Kong who wished to retain their United Kingdom passport  would have needed to become a full British citizen either through immigration to the UK or other means, and could then apply for a standard British passport.

Download British Passport Application
Renewal First
Renew ADULT UK Passport Get Your FIRST ADULT UK Passport
Renew CHILD UK Passport Get Your FIRST CHILD UK Passport


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