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Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Category

Provincial Nominee Program

Self Employed Farmer Category

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If you wish to buy or establish a working farm in Alberta, you may be eligible for the self employed farmer program. The AINP nominates eligible candidates to permanently move to Alberta with their families and successfully establish a farm. This Program allows for successful candidates to become permanent residents of Canada and in turn strengthens Alberta's agriculture industry.

To be eligible for this program;

  • you must show that you have previous farm management experience and education;
  • you must provide a business plan of your proposed farm in Alberta;
  • you must have proof that a Canadian financial institution is willing to finance your proposed farming business;
  • you must show that you have a net worth of $500,000 CAN;
  • you must show that you are able to invest a minimum of 500,000 CAN or more into the proposed farm business;
  • you must show that the proposed farm will be a primary production farm; (not a hobby farm)

Please note: An exploratory visit to Alberta will improve and strengthen your application.

You are not eligible if;

  • you are a temporary foreign worker residing in a province other than Alberta
  • You are a refugee claimant or are subject to a removal order
  • you are a live in caregiver


Preparing your application

You can download the document checklist which outlines the forms and documents you must submit. You must also submit the document checklist with your application.

The Candidate must fill out and submit the following forms:

The Candidate, their spouse/common-law partner, and any dependents over 18 (if applicable) must each complete and submit the following CIC forms:

Please note:

  • When sending supporting documents along with your application, make sure that they are certified.
  • Send all of the AINP forms including employer forms and Copies only of the CIC forms and supporting documents to the AINP processing centre.
  • Do not send the original CIC forms in your application to the AINP. You will send the originals to CIC after you have been nominated.
  • Alberta does not charge fees for the process.
  • You are required to pay the Citizenship and Immigration fees when submitting your application to the CIC. You can download the payment form from the CIC website.
  • You should make copies of all documents and forms you submit for your own records

After your application is complete send your application to the following address.

Self-Employed Farmer Stream
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
J.G. O'Donoghue Building
200, 7000-113 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T6H 5T6 Canada


After you receive your nomination letter, you will need to send all of the necessary CIC forms and documents including your nomination letter to:


Centralized Intake Office – PNP
PO BOX 1450
Sydney, NS  B1P 6K5


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