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  1. Residing out of country
  2. skilled worker program
  3. Asked to resend certified translations
  4. Common law vs Conjugal. Plus do we have to get married?
  5. Spousal Sponsorship "intended occupation"
  6. Outland vs Inland questions
  7. Sponsorship enquiry
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  9. Missing document - Birth Certificate
  10. Rome VO
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  14. spousal sponsorship
  15. Canadian Wanting to Sponsor a Retired American Spouse
  16. A few questions about sponsoring your spouse (Canada) and the application forms.
  17. Fast sponsorship, help please!
  18. How to get an Open work permit
  19. Sponshoring outside Canada additional Informations
  20. should i the Canadian be inland or out land?
  21. Applying from within or from exterior?
  22. IMM 5481E Help
  23. sponsoring step father
  24. Sponsorship approval processing times
  25. Applying from outland, but visiting Canada during the process?
  26. Fwd planning to Sponsorship
  27. Canadian citizen to marry a (1yr) US J1 Visa holder
  28. New time lines and an interview
  29. can Ei benefits affects spousal sponsponship
  30. Spousal Sponsorhip - Tourist after getting the "File Number"
  31. Income requirement
  32. Family Class- Sponsor Spouse - Net income
  33. sponsoring my cuban fiance
  34. Spouse with dependent - Medical Exam
  35. family sponsorships
  36. Sponsoring my Husband
  37. Outland spousal sponsorship...please help!
  38. Financial Requinments
  39. Common-law sponsorship and rehab
  40. My Spouse Sponsorship Refused what about my daughter?
  41. File transfer from Ottawa visa office to port of Spain visa office
  42. Outland spousal sponsorship - help needed!
  43. Getting married to a Colombian
  44. Average time of sponsorship from US to CANADA
  45. Wife and son sponsorship
  46. Sponsor a Member of the Family Class
  47. Do I need to complete these forms?
  48. Sponsor Family - brother and his family
  49. Common law/conjugal relationship
  50. Spousal sponsorship