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General Immigration
« on: July 13, 2015, 10:19:58 PM »
Hi.  I am a Canadian Citizen in a relationship with a man who has Mexican and Turkish citizenship. Our goal is for him to immigrate to Canada permanently.  He was in Canada on a Canadian Visitor Visa from Mexico in April & May.  He went back to Mexico to work for a short time and will be soon be returning to Canada to live here with me.  We have been together since October 2014.  Upon trying to investigate the Canadian immigration process, I have discovered like everyone else, how complicated it is.  Initially, we were concentrating on obtaining a work visa.  My son will provide him a job offer with his construction company, however, from what I have read, the LMIA application process is daunting and there is a very high possibility it will not be accepted.  My partner has Turkish certification as a CNC operator (Computer Numerical Control) and has many years experience in construction and furniture building.  However, he does not work at his trade in Mexico.  I'm wondering what the best and quickest route would be for him to be able to immigrate to Canada, but more pressing is to be able to work in Canada as soon as possible. 
I have read about all the possibilities; sponsorship, however, our one year anniversary of our 'conjugal' relationship is not until October of this year; Express entry - I'm not sure he would qualify, I don't know enough about it, although the requirements change for every invitation; work visa - difficult for employer to pass a LMIA application; Provincial Nominee - I believe you first require a valid work permit.  What I am sure of is that many thousands of people have successfully immigrated to Canada and he can too.  We just need to know the best way to start the process! 
We would appreciate any advice you could offer. 


Riley Haas

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Re: General Immigration
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2015, 08:51:51 AM »
I will try to answer your questions:
Sponsorship would be the best option if you were married. Since you are not married, it's an issue - you don't live together and there is not enough preventing you to keep from marrying (as far as I understand things) for you to apply via the "conjugal" route.
It sounds like he does not qualify for Express Entry. He would need to be working at his trade right now (and for the past year or two) in order to qualify.
The work permit route seems the best way to go. The LMIA depends on lots of factors: location of the company, potential Canadian hires, and so on and so forth. But I don't really see other options from what you've described.

Hope this helps.


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