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    Visitor Visa (B-1 visa holder) marrying US citizen

    Sorry to say this is a Canadian immigration forum and we don't know much about US visa policies. There are numerous visas, including fiance and spouse visas. You should look into what's needed for those.
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    Spousal PR &Work Permit application

    It shouldn't affect your spousal sponsorship application, no.
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    Spousal PR &Work Permit application

    Do you have a valid visitor visa? If you do, you can travel to visit your father. If your fiancé can travel with you, that's better. I'm sorry to say I have no idea what the real timelines are currently like for status restoration. You might want to speak to a consultant about this. If you...
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    Applying for Citizenship from Abroad

    You need to be in Canada to apply for citizenship
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    Background check

    They're evaluating the information you submitted to see whether or not you're "admissible" under Canada's IRPA.
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    Canadian Study visa

    You should absolutely include him on the form. Canada may not know that much about his US case. I'm not sure what information about US refugees would make it to IRCC under the Five Eyes agreement. My understanding is most of the information is shared between border, law enforcement and...
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    Background check

    Are you asking about applying for a police certificate? Or are you asking about how long it takes IRCC to do it? The background check is only performed after you get an ITA and actually apply for PR. There is no check for just an EE profile.
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    helps in regards to apply for visitor visa

    What about a super visa?
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    Query regarding Spouse Travel to Canada.

    I'm sorry to say I can't say. I've never submitted a parental sponsorship question. You should either try to call IRCC to see if they can help (I doubt the call centre will be able to) or speak to a consultant (RCIC) or lawyer. Sorry about that.
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    Made a mistake in my name (given name as shown on passport)

    You should definitely contact them and advise them of the issue so they are sure the document is for you and not someone else.
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    There shouldn't be.
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    Query regarding Spouse Travel to Canada.

    There's nothing in there about in-laws I guess? (The text in Section 4 is quite small.)
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    Query regarding Spouse Travel to Canada.

    Hi, Let me try to answer your questions: It seems like you need to travel pretty much immediately after your test. I can't imagine there is some time frame required to stay...
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    SINP processing time

    Yes, on the assumption that their processing times are accurate.
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    Eligibility for British citizenship

    You and your brother or both UK citizens. However, because you were born before 2006 you will have to register as a British Citizen first by proving that your father is your father. If New Zealand recognizes him as your biological father as a...