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    British passport

    Just email [email protected] attention Didi. Just let her know you spoke to Riley Haas.
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    British passport

    Yes, the name change must have documents clearly showing the changes, e.g. name change documents, birth certificate (translated), current passport and so on... The diplomatic stuff is weird rules surrounding it. Some countries will not give citizenship to the children of diplomats. But, if you...
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    Is my son British?

    You are not "naturalized"; you are not an immigrant that moved to the UK and became a UK national over time. Here is what the UK government has to say about this subject, "British citizenship is normally automatically passed down one generation to children born outside the UK. For example, you...
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    I am 95% sure it is not a real job offer; the issue I see is the "yahoo" email address. This is a red flag to me. The other thing you can do is simply email the company, here is the company email address: [email protected]
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    Is my son British?

    Unfortunately, British passports only go one generation. Your son is not eligible. P.S. Irish Passport goes over one generation (maybe you have some Irish in your family?). Here are some more resources on this subject:
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    British passport

    When the passport is expired over 5 years, the HMO requires you to fill out a First UK passport application. Not a big deal; it just requires additional documents like your original birth certificate. The name change issue will be a minor pain to deal with, and the HMO is not flexible on this...
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    Adding in address and work history - date issues

    Let's say you have been living at your current location for the last 3 years. You only put it when you moved in (e.g.) current - 2019/03/15). You do the same for your work. Now work backwards for your first entry; stop when you get over five years.
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    Job offer and PR residency Obligation

    I am assuming you are working for a Canadian company. Just make sure you keep detailed documentation, e.g..: 1. You are working for a Canadian company, not an (e.g..) U.S. company with a link to a Canadian company (think if TD in the US and TD in Canada. TD in the US is an American Company)...
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    Can't I Ask To Revoke Her Work Permit?

    You are doing the right thing. I also think poison letters are not very helpful.
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    Indian passport - Name updated

    People with name change issues need to have all old and new documents showing the changes to the name. They need to be a clear documentation trail of the name change.
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    Husband Had to Leave Canada B4 Receiving 1st PR card

    He has a few options: 1. Use the US/Canada border by car. He will need a valid passport and record of landing (IMM1000). They may give him a hard time, but this will work. 2. Get a PRTD before returning (land or air travel). PR is only in jeopardy for people that have been out of Canada for...
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    Inland spousal sponsorship

    When coming back you will simply be a visitor. You will only get the PR, when you are finally back in Canada and pick it up officially.