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    My visa

    If I'm understanding the question properly then your best bet is to ask your husband if he has renewed your status and ask for proof that it's really done.
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    Long term, full time job offer for nominee program

    Hi John, thanks for the info. I am a permanent part time, not casual. I do have 560 with the MPNP and because I have started the process of getting back into nursing in this province then I kinda have to stick to it because if i move now then I will have to start all over again and its too...
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    Long term, full time job offer for nominee program

    Hello, sorry for the late response. I was hoping that would be enough Riley but I was hesitant because I'm scared they might not accept the letter of explanation. John, I am in Manitoba and employed in the health sector. The job offers are a percentage of full time, so my offer is 60% of a...
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    Long term, full time job offer for nominee program

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if a permanent, long term, part time job offer still qualifies for this section of the application? The reason is, my job is part time and on the offer the hours are a little less than 30 hours a week but I do work more than 30 hours a week because of extra shifts...
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    MPNP proof of hours for ITA

    Thank you Riley
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    MPNP proof of hours for ITA

    Yea, I'm asking because I have worked 780 hrs in the past 6 mths but not necessarily 30hrs per week. My organization calculates hrs biweekly and even at full time, you might not work 30 hrs in 1 week. Thanks for the response Riley.
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    MPNP proof of hours for ITA

    If you're invited to apply through the nominee program, for proof of hours, does anyone know if immigration asks for proof of weekly hours or will they accept your hours for the entire year/ 6 mths? For example, if you stated you have worked full time for 6 mths, will they request proof of 30...
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    Visitor Visa Refused and Unable to understand reason.

    Hello, I have only done paper application for visitors visa but the application form is filled out online, there is a section on the form that asks for the amount of money to plan to travel with and they ask for your occupation. In my country, they usually request a bank statement. I'm thinking...
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    Can I flagpole for PR status without having a confirmation of PR?

    I am currently living in Canada and just received my PGWP, I also have an express entry profile but am not confident I will get an invitation to apply for PR because the points are high and continues to increase. Would I be able to flagpole at the border for my PR or do I at least have to have...