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    LIMA +

    Does getting a LIMA + job means you can get the PR, straight, without having to go through the process of work permit first? Is there any other way where if you get LIMA + job you don't have to give ECA and IELTs and you can get PR for sure. I mean is there any other way than the EE system...
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    It is so unfair when you have done BCOM and MCOM and WES gives both your degrees as "canadian equivalent as bachelors degree" and you don't have "two bachelor degrees" category in point system. Either Bachelors or masters or Phd. Can someone please help if I am wrong and loosing on marks ...
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    What CBL would you take if IELTS scores are Listening 8.5, Reading 6, Speaking 8.5, and writing 7.5. If one has to take CBL as 7 because your least score is 6 than that is very unfair and if you take it on the basis of one's average score, which is 7.5, than you don't know if that is correct...