Advice needed


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I am new to this forum. I am 48 years old from the UK and heading towards indefinite leave to remain. All my family members are in Pakistan and all my children are above 18 and only one is married but we are living in joint family system. I want to move all my family members to a country where we all can live together as Pakistan has become a country where human life has become a useless thing. The corrupt politicians and repeated army's occupation has put the country centuries behind.

I was an Accountant back home and doing a diploma in accountancy in the UK.

I am clueless where to go and get my family settled down.

Please advise.

Riley Haas

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Hi there,
We're a Canadian immigration forum so all the advice we can offer you is about Canada, we can't really help you with other countries, I'm sorry to say.



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Advice needed ASAP

Hello everyone,
I just received my permanent residence of Canada. I am currently in India. I have about 6 months of validity available for the canada immigration to expire. So can i visit and stay in any other country(Dubai) before going to Canada?

I was planning to be in Dubai for 14 days and then go to Canada and then apply for the permanent residence travel card. Please reply this As SOON AS POSSIBLE. My email id- [email protected] THANKS IN ADVANCE.