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I am a US citizen, and recently accepted a healthcare job in Canada to start this summer. This is a permanent job and I plan to stay in Canada and not return to the US. I began looking at Express Entry, and I realized that my old Canadian permanent residency from when I lived in Canada as a child apparently never expires. I am out of compliance for residency, of course, and now neither I nor my employer are sure what this means for my Express Entry application and provincial nomination. I am set to start the application, however, will I be halted due to having old PR status? Will they even know (or care)? Should I go for a work permit and then in a couple of years get a new PR card once I have met residency requirements? (That would save me a lot of paperwork.) Does it need to be revoked and how long does that take? This is all so time sensitive, so I want to do the right thing. Thank you for reading.

Riley Haas

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If you drive to Canada you can attempt to enter with your old Record of Landing. This would work in normal times but I'm honestly not sure how it works with the border closed.

The simplest solution is to renounce your PR status and apply through Express Entry for new PR status. Depending upon your age, it's possible that there is no electronic record of your PR but who knows.