Applying from abroad


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I met the requirements of the 730 days by a few days (I think I have around 790). However, my card expires mid August 2021 and I would like to start the process of renewing my PR Card now.

However, I am currently not living in Canada, plan to move back at some point before August though. I still have an address in Canada where they could send the PR Card to. I would just like to already start now since it's taking forever to get the new card.

I keep reading that it is not possible to apply for the new card when abroad. Why is that? Is there any chance I could start the process from abroad and probably by the time it would get approved I should already be in Canada.



Riley Haas

Staff member
You are not allowed to renew your PR Card from outside of Canada. This is because this is your permanent resident status, i.e. the government expects you to live in Canada permanently.

IRCC checks this by randomly inviting applicants to interviews in Canada. Depending upon the evidence you submit, you may be invited to an interview. An interview is all the more likely because you are under 800 days, rather than, say, over 1000. The fewer days above the minimum, the more likely they're going to be suspicious.