Are hand corrections in documents allowed?!!


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I have two documents that have hand corrections on them:
1. Proof of Funds letter from my bank. The person who typed the letter missed out typing the pincode at the end of my otherwise perfect address. They have later written the pincode by hand (in blue ink) and put a round seal next to this correction/addition. No signature or date for this change.
2. Reference letter from my old employer. The word 'to' was left out in a sentence ("... he is an asset any company") and then included by hand in blue ink between 'asset' and 'any'. No seal or signature and date for this minor correction.

How serious are these hand-corrections? Can this lead to rejection of those letters or unnecessary delay due to extra scrutiny? I can probably wait and apply for a fresh letter from my bank, but my old employer is not responding. It's really frustrating waiting for them to resend a new letter for a small typo. Any advice?

Riley Haas

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Let me try to answer your questions:
I would suspect that 2 is more of an issue than 1 but, in both cases, the lack of a signature could be problematic. Your documents will be reviewed by the visa office responsible for the country where you live so, if a seal for a correction is more common than a signature in this country, maybe the visa officer knows this.

I am just the webmaster, so I cannot say for certain, but I suspect that you might get a request for new versions of these letters if they're a problem. But I guess rejection is also possible. It's at the discretion of the officer reviewing the application.

Get that new bank letter if you can. As for your employer letter - maybe you should speak to a consultant or a lawyer to confirm whether or not this could be grounds for a rejection, or whether they may ask for a replacement, or whether such a minor typo is usually overlooked. (I'm sorry to say I do not know the answer.)

Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

Riley Haas

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This thread is about hand corrections on forms submitted to IRCC. Kindly start a new thread if you want to talk about job offers.