BCPNP nominated - been offered promotion


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long story short I just got nominated for BCPNP this month (paper route), it took a long 5 months due to covid. During this time my manager left, I stepped up. I’ve now been offered the management role. Can I take this role and what is the best process of doing so?

my situation: IEC expired 11th August, submitted for BWOP before so now on implied status, Nomination received 20th August, Updated BWOP Using web form attaching nomination certificates and referencing my employer portal job offer, PR has not been submitted yet, BWOP hasn’t been touched and unlikely to be for a while. Any ideas how I can take the promotion?

Riley Haas

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Yes, you can take this role. It's a job offer. So you have to make sure it fits the same criteria your previous job offer did.


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Pls help. I have applied in Manitoba provincial nominee programme, i have a law degree professional from india will it fetch me points as masters under mpnp points assessment grid?