Bringing adopted single parent from India to Canada


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I am a PR in Canada since Jan 2019 born in India in 1988. I am never married. I have surviving biological parents in Delhi but I was raised by my aunt and uncle in Kolkata since 1996. I was legally adopted by my uncle and aunt in year 2004. I have the legal relevant deed of adoption from Indian Court. After the adoption, I did not change my surname and in all my current indian identification documents like Indian Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID card, etc. I still use my biological parents name. Deed of adoption is the only document that links me to my adopted parents. My adopted father passed away recently and hence I will like to bring my adopted mother i.e. my aunt to Canada permanently. Please advise how can I do it and will the deed of adoption be enough ? Thanks in advance.

Riley Haas

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I'm sorry to say this question is best answered by a lawyer or an RCIC, rather than a forum. You should be able to sponsor your legal parent, but I don't know off the top of my head if you need additional documentation beyond the deed of adoption. Sorry I can't be more helpful.