*Can you advise which PNP we can consider that does not require job offer.*


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My question

*Greetings everyone and I hope you and your families are staying safe during this period.*

*Please I'll love to have your suggestions regarding my family's plan on migrating to Canada.*

*My wife is going to be the primary applicant, but we are both Retail Sales Associate (NOC 6421 C) so we can't go through Express Entry.*

Riley Haas

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There are some but you have to be NOC 0, A or B, I believe. Anything lower than that I believe you need a job offer. However, I haven't read through all the programs lately.


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Well, you don’t need to worry about a prior job offer in hand before applying for a Canadian PR Visa under the following categories:

You don’t need to worry about a prior employment letter before applying for a PR Visa under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program- Express Entry Stream.

This streams allows Alberta to nominate qualified candidates from IRCC's Express Entry system.

You may get a Notification of Interest letter if you have an active Express Entry profile in the pool, have stated an interest in migrating to Alberta permanently, work in an occupation that supports the economic development plans of Alberta and have a minimum CRS score of 300 points.