Canadian Citizenship Requirement


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Hello All,

I became PR in 2015, landed in Canada on April 2016. As per the eligibility requirement I have fulfilled 1095 days and have filed 3 tax returns. Also, it says you shouldn't be outside Canada for more than 730 days in last 5 years. Which in last 5 years, I am outside only 650 days which is less than the stated timeline.
What confusing me is should we need to complete 5 years for the Citizenship application or we can apply once the above requirements are met? please help and advise.


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**********************************************Please help me/advise**************************************************************

I have pleaded guilty of harassment charges in June 2019 in UK . The Court have given me non violence restraining order for 5 years not to contact my Ex-wife and asked to pay the fine of 800 pounds but no jail term with one year sentence to be served. The court final conviction charges were UK harassment 1997, section 2. As per the UK law it is classified as a summary offense. As per the phyiscal presence in order to qualify for my citizenship application, I have to spend 5 more months in Canada.

So i was wondering whether i am eligible to apply for Canada citizenship after spending 1095 days in canada in past 5 years and will it effect my citizenship application or jeopardize my current PR status because of the criminal harassment charges ?

Riley Haas

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That likely depends upon whether or not Canada would also view it as a summary offence.

Ankita Thakur

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According to Canadian citizenship rules, you have met all the requirements so now you can easily apply for Canadian citizenship.