Canadian experience

Hi I have lost my PR status of Canada in 2016 instead of residencey obligation but I got email from cic Calgary that your pr card reddy to pick up so I applied PRTD application but reply was that you have to apiel to IAD but I didn't. Because I don't know how to apiel process to IAD so I lost.but last year I did contact to IAD and explain them that why I couldn't apiel in time so reply is that you are not provide enough h&c ground evidence .. recently my daughter and son are living in Canada and I have been applied PRTD application for my wife 4 months ago I didn't get any massage from immigration yet .in This sechvation I don't know what to do so please help me and guide me thanks reply me as soon as possible thanks again

Riley Haas

Staff member
Your PR status needs to be revoked. If it has been revoked your children will need to sponsor you for PR or you can apply for a super visa. Alternatively you can attempt to immigrate the same way you did last time.

If your PR status hasn't actually been revoked yet, you should apply to renounce it.