Canadian Seeking British Citizenship


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Hoping for some help.

My mother was born in England 1922. Father Canadian born 1918. Both deceased. Mother was war bride married 1944, moved to Canada 1946 and lived out her life here. She did return once to England for a holiday.
I have her birth certificate and her marriage document (married in London, 1944). I was born in 1963 in Canada.

I'm wondering what the procedure would be to obtain British Citizenship. I've read (I believe) that there was some new change where children of British born females and with children born before 1983, now provided the same substance of obtaining citizenship by descent as the male fathers can provide to their children.


Riley Haas

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Yes, you would have to register as a British citizen and then you can apply for a passport.

However, there is a wrinkle in your particular case. Your mother appears to have been in Canada on January 1, 1947. If that's true, she likely lost her British citizenship on that date and became Canadian, as that's when it happened for everyone in Canada. Sorry for the bad news.


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Thanks Riley
May I ask why 1947 is noted as an important date?

And I do get confused when trying to define the term nationality Vs citizen. Is one legal as a citizenship while the other is a right or birth being she will and was always of British nationality?



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So I need to begin registration and then proceed to citizenship/ passport. And that’s because I was born before 1983?

I wonder what the probability is for this to happen under these conditions?

I had hoped having a British born mother would be helpful in this goal.
not sure now

Riley Haas

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1947 is when British nationals became Canadian citizens in Canada. Most people in Canada at the time became Canadian citizens and lost claims to British citizenship.

Though "national" and "citizen" are sometimes synonymous, in the UK they are not. Citizenship is one type of nationality but it is the only one that has "full" status in the UK. Hope that explains things.

Yes, if your mother is a citizen and you can inherit citizenship, you would have to register first because you were born to a British mother before 1983.

Unfortunately I think it likely that your mother is no longer a British citizen. But I cannot know for sure. There are a couple ways you could find out.

A "Search of Citizenship Records" (or possibly the archives) in Canada would show when she became a Canadian citizen. And if it was on January 1, 1947 then that would mean she is no longer British.

Alternatively, you could apply to Register as a British Citizen and see how they treat your case.