Cannot maintain RO due to Covid-19 travel ban


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I am a PR of Canada and currently in possession of a PR travel card expiring in March 2022. Based on my personal records I will need to be in Canada by the middle of June 2020 in order to accumulate sufficient residency days to renew my PR travel card in 2022. I am currently living abroad for work.

The country I am in has closed its borders to combat Covid-19 since March this year. I am concerned that the travel ban and scarcity of affordable flights will affect my ability to travel back to Canada and serve my time in order to maintain my residency. As a PR holder I am not prevented from entering Canada. My initial plan was to travel to Canada in April this year, which would have allowed me to serve my residency requirement with weeks to spare in the event I need to travel outside Canada for personal reasons before renewal is due in 2022.

I do not want to run the risk of losing my residency in Canada but I am afraid I cant travel until the travel ban is lifted where I am. I am also concerned that I have lost any 'spare days' that would have allowed me some travel leeway before the PR card expires in 2022. What are my options?

Thank you for your time and stay safe everyone.

Riley Haas

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I don't know if there will be any measures put in place for people in your situation. I know measures have been put in place for people whose temporary resident status would normally expire while in Canada, but PRs living outside of Canada is a very different situation, as you can imagine.

All I can say is get back to Canada as soon as you can (unless you are living with a Canadian citizen overseas, and then you have nothing to worry about). I know that's not much of an answer, but I don't really foresee the political will to help out people in your situation. You are supposed to be a "permanent resident" of Canada, after all.