College student switch to work permit


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Dear all,

I hope you are well.

I am currently doing college in Vancouver and I am finishing the course in August.

I want to apply for a work permit after however I am unclear on the time I have to apply and if I can leave the country before for a bit (have my sisters wedding) and come back and apply, please can someone assist?

My sister is willing to reschedule the dates but if I apply for work permit in August, I won't have an answer till end of November.

My question is if I go right after my college finishes (mid-August) then can I go out of Canada and attend the wedding for a week and come back and apply? Will I be not allowed back in?

I have my visa till March 2021.

Please can someone advise as I want to attend the wedding but I cannot take a chance to not be allowed in.

Kind regards,

Riley Haas

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You can find the details about how to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) here:

Your visa is what matters for traveling to Canada, and proof that you were a student and have applied for a PGWP should be what matters for entry (provided your study permit has expired.) If your study permit hasn't expired yet then there shouldn't be anything to worry about.