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Dear All,

Please bear with the slightly long post. I have about 5 years of experience in a single company that fall under 3 NOCs. I am showing a total of 6 years of work experience and these 5 are a part of that. There has been several designation and department changes, not to mention company changing it's name, that I am confused how to represent this experience. So here goes:

1. April 2009. I joined company ABC as 'QC Technician'. I have the appointment letter for this.
2. After only a few months, they decided to re-designate 'QC Technician's to 'QA Engineer's per this industry's norm. My title changes on all documents/payslips
3. The next year, April 2010, I get bumped up to 'Senior QA Engineer'. I have papers to show for this
4. But soon the company ABC gets absorbed officially into it's global parent and re-brands itself as XYZ. Subsequent letters and payslips are from this XYZ company's letterhead. (I do not have an official company letter that intimates me of this change, but this acquisition is public domain and anyone official wishing to verify can look it up)
5. As a result of #4, there is team restructuring and I get promoted to 'Tech Lead, QC' just 5 months after being promoted to 'Senior QA engineer'
6. In January 2012, I move as 'Team Lead' into another department within the company.
7. In 2015, people high up decided to shut down this department in Bangalore and concentrate on their other businesses. So almost no one I worked with is in the company anymore. Even the HR is different now in 2018. I am not getting any response to my mails.

I am really confused about how to represent all the experience from #1 to #5. Should I show each stage separately? I have papers for them all. But the problem will be to get the HR to give me detailed letter with each step explained with jobs responsibilities.

Here's my MAIN concern: While filling up the initial EE profile, under employment history, I crunched #1 to #3 together and simply showed myself as 'Senior QA Engineer" without showing all the detailed break up in-between because my roles and responsibilities remained the same throughout these changes. If I receive an ITA, will I get a chance to break up this experience into more detail while accepting the invite? or should I now edit my EE profile to show every step above separately?

Then there is a small matter of the company not responding.

Even if I manage to get a letter, should all these be on a single letter or multiple letters for each title?

Lastly, how important is it to indicate bonus details along with salary? I do not remember the bonus details pre-2013.

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I am just the webmaster and have never done one of these applications, so I am not sure how much I can help. I would strongly suggest speaking to a consultant or lawyer to help you with this. You don't want to do the wrong thing and have the application rejected because the officer doesn't understand the information.

But I think a job for the same employer with different titles probably doesn't need to be classified as separate jobs. If you have the same roles and responsibilities, the title seems to me to be immaterial.

The bigger issue is the lack of contact from the company. Not sure what to do about that except to document it.

I would prepare all the documentation you have and write a detailed letter to go along with it, explaining exactly what happened. (And don't rely on the officer to google the rebranding, document that). But I think you should have an immigration professional look over all this stuff and help you present it in a way that they know the officers will understand.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.