Criminal Rehabilitation


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I'm new here. I came here from the states. I crossed the border illegally, I was arrested and detained for a month, then got released on bond.
I was told that I'm inadmissible because of my criminal records back in the states. since I'm not a US citizen I was told that I'll be sent back to my country of origin that was 2 years ago. I'm still here waiting to be sent back . In the meantime. I have no status here at all. I applied for PRRA and was denied.
I do have a work permit that I change every year
1*I was wondering if it's possible for me to get a license?
2* what is the likelihood of me been deported back after 2 years of waiting?
3* been here for 2 years working and paying taxes can improve my chances if I apply for criminal rehabilitation? it has been more than five years since I did my crim in the states please any input can help

Riley Haas

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If you have a work permit, that's your status. You can't have a valid work permit and not have status.

Let's try to answer your questions:
  1. Driver's license? Probably. What province are you in?
  2. I can't tell you that, as I am just the webmaster and not an RCIC or lawyer but it seems like your status situation has been resolved and so you won't be deported because you are here as a temporary worker. However, PLEASE do not take my word for it. If you have been granted a work permit in error (or, alternatively, there is some kind of program for work permits for those who entered illegally), you could still be in some kind of legal trouble. Please speak to an RCIC or lawyer ASAP. (Also, how were you told you would be told to leave? Because if you were asked to leave and didn't comply, this is a big problem. Please seek legal help.)
  3. This is another question for an RCIC or lawyer. Criminal rehabilitation is about entry. If you are still criminally inadmissible (it depends upon the type of crime) then you may not be allowed to enter if you leave, even if you've paid taxes. (The latter is irrelevant to criminal inadmissibility to the best of my knowledge.)
Seriously: seek professional legal assistance. We offer consultations with RCICs: (1-866-760-2623). Otherwise, speak to a lawyer.


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thank you very much.
I live in QC . And no I was not granted a work permit by error. By law if they can not deport you they have to give you a work permit so you can work and support yourself and not depend on the system . since I was released and waiting for deportation they have to let me work at least that is my understanding. I have renewed my work permit twice already. I have tried to get a license but I was told that I have to bring some proof of my status . I even brought my work permit there to show them but I was turned down I still have my US license which has expired now.