CRS 478???


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Can someone please please tell me why is canada giving such high CRS score like 478???? Normal person if they have two degrees and 3 years experience will be getting 469-471 MAX. Who will get 478??? why is canada being so hard on people living outside canada??? will the CRS ever drop???

Riley Haas

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It's not the government of Canada, it's the pool of candidates. The reason the cutoff was at 478 is because there were literally 4,500 candidates in the pool with CRS scores of 478 or over. (There are likely more than that; 4,500 is a very high number for a single draw.)

I don't know these people, so I don't know what kind of qualifications they have but I suspect many of them have job offers or provincial nominations.

Dr. Raman

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Hi ..... I got my CRS score of 492. I applied for my express entry....under process.... one can that score depending upon various pre requisites. I have done Ph.D (B.Tech,, Ph.D) ;all from university campus. I have 5 years of experience plus I scored 9,9,8.5,8 in my Ielts exam.... Also the CRS score varies depending upon the pool ..... it’s never the same... but yes score under 460 is considered bit low chances of getting an ITA declines.