CRS Scores


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If I already have the needed points on the CRS simulation (465), would it help to have my spouse's degree certified (ECA) for any reason other than getting extra points (which i don't need)?
i.e. would it help later on in the application processing the fact that she has a bachelor degree? or is it only a matter of points to get selected in the draw.

Thanks for your help.

Riley Haas

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So, there are two different point systems (which is very confusing, I know). There's the CRS score, and then there's the system for the stream through which you're applying. I am assuming you are applying as a Federal Skilled Worker (FSW). Your spouse's education only helps for FSW points if she was educated in Canada so, in this case, it's more important she submit her language test results (if she hasn't already):


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Dear Riley,
Thank you for your support. Although my CRS score is above 460, my wife will be sitting for the IELTS next week which can give us extra points in the FSW as mentioned in the link you provided.
I expect to reach 70 FSW points without the help of my wife but 5 additional points will make it easier to us to get selected faster.