Delay in receiving COPR

Hello Team,

I have received my ITA in the month of April and I have submitted my documents on 5th of March. Date of Biometrics completion is on the 17th of June.

I have not heard from them till date and I am really worried about the status.

Could someone help me how can i contact the immigration officer about the status of my application.

Also, My case has been assigned to the Canadian Embassy in New Delhi and I have sent them a mail, however, I have not heard back from them.

Looking forward to hear from you and Thank you in anticipation.


Riley Haas

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So the processing time of 6 months is an average, of all the visa offices in the world. The New Delhi office has always been notoriously slow, in part because of the volume of applications they deal with. If your online status tells you that the application is with New Delhi, and you've sent them a status inquiry and they haven't gotten back to you, there's not much more you can do at the moment, off the top of my head. Sorry I can't be more helpful. (For example, if you were to call IRCC, they would likely just tell you your application is with New Delhi and that's all they could say.)
Thank you so much for your honest reply.

What I wonder is , they are not even asking me for any additional documentation for over 7+ months now. Can I consider this sign as the documentation was done properly ?
Hope so :) and yes I have used that form to get in touch with the embassy in Canada and they have replied stating my application is now with the Canadian Embassy in Delhi. I have sent an email to the Delhi embassy and haven’t heard from them for over 30 days now :(