Do I need to complete these forms?


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Hi! I'm working on completing the forms to sponsor my husband (Swiss citizen)to get permanent residency status in Canada. We've been married 36 years and both live in Switzerland. We have 2 adult, non-dependant daughters (23 and 20 yrs old) who will be coming with us. Our daughters and myself are Canadian citizens.
Here are the questions: Must I (and/or our daughters) complete IMM 5669 Schedule A Background/Declaration, seeing as we are Canadians?
Same question regarding IMM 5406 Additional Family Information?
Same questions regarding IMM 5562 Supplementary Information/Your travels (required because we apply through the Paris office here in Switzerland)
Thx for any help out there! Just the panel physician exam to go and we can get the show on the road.

Riley Haas

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As Canadians, you do not need any permission to come to Canada. Your children are not being sponsored and so do not need to be included.

I hope this helps.


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Ok. I felt that was the case, but after having read through each form a hundred times, I started to feel uncertain. Thx for the quick answer! :)