Does anyone have any insight?


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Hi there,

2 years ago i applied for a open work permit, and i realized i didn't remove medical conditions meaning i was working in a field i wasn't allowed to (with kids) when i had been, i immediately applied for a new work permit to remove these conditions but i'm now very sure i incorrectly ticked a box 'no' to the any previous unauthorized work question when i definitely should have ticked 'yes' (Due to me at the time believing unauthorized work was defined as working solely without a work permit of any kind). I understand this has huge potential consequences so i messaged IRCC via webform to alter my answer and they stated they couldn't change anything due to the application being processed.

My common-law partner is now looking to sponsor me for PR next month.

I was wanting to know what you guys thought my next steps should be.

Should i include a letter of explanation in the PR application? Should i also include proof of my attempts to recorrect the mistake? Or will they even care as the visa i'm applying for has requirements that aren't anything to do with previous work experience?

Thankyou for your advise - I understand that the result of this application will have huge consequences on my life so trying to give me the best chance possible!

Riley Haas

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Yes, you should include a letter of explanation of proofs you attempted to correct the mistake. They may or may not care (they probably care) but it's better to err on the side of caution here.