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I received my ECA assessment today. I have a 3 yrs bachelors degree and a 2 yrs masters degree in computer science.

IQAS stated equivalency as:

Bachelors degree compares to completion of 3 yrs bachelors of science.

Masters degree compares to completion of 4 years bachelors of science degree.

Can somebody tell what does it mean? Will I need to select bachelors in the express entry profile or 2 or more certificates, diplomas or degrees?

Thanks in advance.

Riley Haas

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I would read that as two degrees rather than just one. However, I am just the forum admin and have never submitted a FSW application or set up an Express Entry profile. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
Hi, Reni shaw,
His is an official response from Green Tree will have to select two or more degrees in Express Entry Profiling
in other terms, it is called Double Bachelors because of the difference in the standard of education.