Educational Credentials Evaluation Query


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Hello, how are you?

I am a newbie on here, and this is my very first post, so please forgive any errors/inconsistencies in what I am relaying.

Basically, I am a Carpenter in New Zealand with seven years experience under my belt in Residential Construction/Maintenance. Seven years prior, I qualified as an entry level Carpenter (as per New Zealand Regulations) with a Level 3 Certificate in Carpentry which was a one year full-time course. After that, I spent six years building up my experience. Later, down the track, I decided to do another one-year Certification. I did this to upskill myself and progress further in the industry and eventually towards owning my own business. This was a New Zealand Certification In Construction Related Trades (Supervisor) Level 4. Level 4 being the next step up and above Level 3 which was more a trade certificate allowing entry into the industry and certifying that graduates knew what they were doing for employers. By New Zealand law, a Level 3 is requisite for becoming a Carpenter as an individual without this qualification is not legally considered competent to undertake the role of a Carpenter and be employed as such. Even for trainee Carpenters being taught on the job, a Level 3 is a necessity.

In this Level 4 Qualification, I studied full time at an accredited polytechnic (Manukau Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand). The course was not practical based at all but theoretical covering the following four areas of construction theory:

-Time Management
-Employment Law
-Health And Safety Planning
-Recording and Understanding Contracts
-Construction Related Business Administration

These were general concepts geared towards priming us for researching various facets of construction technicalities and running a construction related business both on-site and off-site (office based etc).

A few months back I made the decision to migrate to Canada given that the current Labour government in New Zealand is not exactly Business-savvy and the economy is stagnating wage-wise and tax-wise. I researched lawyers and had consultations with over several consultants before settling on the law firm of Abram & Krochak.

Only recently, we began the migration program. So far it is unclear to both of us (lawyer and I) whether indeed I will be invited to apply for residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry scheme. However, a facet of that process is to get my educational credentials evaluated through an organization empowered to do so by Canadian Immigration Authorities.

Now obviously the New Zealand Educational Framework-NZQF or NZQA-is quite dissimilar to its Canadian counterpart. This is where I am stumped. The evaluation authorities are emphatic that they do not assess trade or vocational qualifications. I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar dilemma and what the eventual outcome was? I am not even sure whether my Level 4 even falls under the trade/vocational category. I am basing this on the fact that in New Zealand, it is considered a part of the construction industry but not specifically a trade certification on the grounds it does not recognize an acquired trade skill (carpentry, plumbing, electrician etc). Rather, it certifies your ability to supervise in a construction environment.

I guess the worst case scenario for me would be its considered nothing at all. Not even akin to a secondary school qualification.

Naturally, I will be going through an evaluation organization but given the length of time I am wondering whether there is a credible answer which I can then relay to my lawyers so we can find a solution to a problem which we know will arise?

Thank you and I apologize for inconveniencing you.