Expired Canadian Permanent Residency


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I was a Canadian Permanent Residence from 2014 till 2019. In 2015 I also received my US green card. I did visit Canada twice, once in 2014 and other in 2016. Both times I was asked that when will you move to Canada and I told them that I will move in next couple of months. But I did not move and I stayed back in USA because of my job. Recently I got my US passport and I want to visit Canada again. I am just curious to know that now when I come Canada on US passport, what kind of questions will they ask me? I am 100% sure that Canadian border officials will know that I had Canadian Permanent Residence from 2014 till 2019. Will I be in trouble for not moving to Canada? And if they ask me that why you did not use your Canadian Permanent Residency, then what should I reply?. I will be landing Toronto Pearson International Airport


On the off-chance you are grilled with questions, you just need to say your plans changed, and you have no intention of moving to Canada. You will automatically lose your PR. By the way, you can search in Google this keyword phrase for more info, “PR status in jeopardy”.

This is more of an issue when you are tying to get back or keep your PR.