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Hi, I am facing an issue with CRS score being calculated in my express entry profile. Here are the details

My Profile

32 Year old Male


MBA from the US

Over 9 years of work experience including 2 years in Canada from 2016-2018

Wife has and MBA from India with 5 years of experience( All of it in India)

Our ECA report is from October 2020

IELTS Score are from February 2021

My score:

R-9 W-7.5 L-8.5 S-8.5

Wife's score:

R-8.5 W-7.5 L-8.5 S-8.5

CRS Score Calculator Score: 514

I have submitted my profiles twice now as the first 1 was rejected

Profile 1 Submitted on Feb 19th 2021

As the scores for IELTS were declared online on Feb 19th I created and submitted my profile on the same day

I was facing the same issue as most people with the profile in pending status. When I updated and submitted the complete form, my score came out as 0.

on Feb 27th, my profile was deemed as ineligible. I realized that I entered the IELTS form number incorrectly as I received my scorecard a few days later.

That could have been the issue.

Profile 2 Submitted on Feb 28th 2021

I have submitted my profile again and awaiting a result but again going through the update and resubmit process, My score still shows as zero.


My 2 years experience in Canada was in Quebec (Dont know if that would be an issue)

I have not selected Quebec as a province I want to move to (I chose Ontario when creating the profile) and out of the list I selected Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am stumped here as to what could be the issue.

PK Private

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Hi, would love to know if you managed to resolve the issue?

I also recently submitted (and later resubmitted) my EE profile and received a CRS score of Zero! However, the CRS score calculator shows a score > 400.

I do have a valid & current IELTS (8.5), relevant work experience (outside Canada > 10 yrs), and 2 post grad qualifications (although not yet ECA'd).

I'm really at a loss over what else I may need to do get the correct score reflected. Would appreciate any advice.

Riley Haas

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If it hasn't resolved in a few days you should look into contacting tech support (see the above link).