Express entry profile ineligible


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I submitted my express entry profile, but I immediately got a response that said that my profile is ineligible. When I click on "Check full application status", all the fields show up as blank. My total score also shows up as blank. Please take a look at the attached screenshot. Has anyone else run into this issue?

My credentials: Bachelors degree (non-Canada) and about 7 years of continuous work experience (non-Canada). Currently doing a part-time Masters program. IELTS overall score is 9.

Spouse's credentials: Bacherlors degree (non-Canada), 9 years of work experience. IELTS overall score 8.5.

Please help!



Riley Haas

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This could be a technical glitch, given everything is showing up the same. But I have never heard of this happening before. Apparently there's a "Report a technical issue" button at the top of the screen.