Family violence


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Hello all!

I'm a permanent resident in Canada and my sister(step) is 17 and lives in the USA in our hometown in WV. She's currently living with our abusive parents. To get right to the question, what can I do to help her?

I want her to move in with me but I know that's an issue seen as my parents would never sign a release form. Is there a way around this? They are very mentally and emotionally abusive and recently became physically abusive. I have photos of the evidence of abuse if I ever needed to show proof.

I'm starting on her passport and legal documents for when I can bring her to Canada with me, but until then what do I do????


Assuming she holds an American passport, she can come to Canada as a visitor anytime. If your sister is living in West Virginia, she will be an adult at 18 years old. Bring her to Canada and enrol her in school, but you will have to file a student visa and pay higher tuition, but at least it's a path that leads to PR.