File transfer from Ottawa visa office to port of Spain visa office


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In 2008 I was had to leave Canada and was given an exclusion order 41 (a), act A36(2). Previous to leaving Canada I was living with boyfriend and our daughter, we stayed together and have other child a son and in 2014 my boyfriend after getting his pr in Canada send in application to sponsor me and our son. We give my address in the state as I was studying her at the time the application was submitted, he was approved as a sponsor in March 2015 after cic send correspondence to wrong address and re med etc. we reque stead and sent in Quebec CSQ the end of June and July 29, 2015 got an email requesting proof of partner living in Canada, police certificate from my home country and from the US, and proof that we are together, we send in everything didn't have much pic cause am not a picture person but we have a joint account and two kids together, I send ticket from the few time he came to visit by bus or plain, but the only evidence of him being here on the other occasion were pics I took with him and the kid, we have been the together for over 12 years and yet CIC Ottawa send my file to Trinidad for the to check my eligibility and inaddmissability can any one tell me why? Does this mean my time goes back to square one and my processing time is at 17months again, and is there a strong possibility I would have to do and interview. I am Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Riley Haas

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They sent it back to Trinidad?

Unfortunately, I don't know enough to answer your question. A consultant might be able to tell you some things, but nobody is going to be able to tell you the exact reason if it was sent back to the visa office a second time. Maybe a an Access to Information request could help.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.