FSW-O: Current CRS Score 460 - how to bump up my scores?


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Hi All,

Can you please help me with ideas to bump up my CRS score?

Status quo:
31 years old (turning 32 in Oct-2021)
2 Bachelor's Degrees (Accounting, Civil Engineering)
IELTS: S7.5/ W7.5/ R8/ L8
no French
7.5 years of work experience in NOC2233 - Planning Engineer
No Canadian Education/Work Exp/Relatives/Job Offer/Nomination

Can you please advise the ways to improve my scores?
Which PNP is the most suitable for me?

Riley Haas

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We have the full details about how the scores is calculated here: https://www.immigroup.com/news/express-entrys-comprehensive-rating-system

This article on the state of the pool contains links to how to improve your score: https://www.immigroup.com/news/express-entry-pool-points-distribution

What is your score right now?

PNPs mostly benefit people who have some kind of connection to the province, though not all of them do. There's also the Atlantic pilot, though you need a job offer for that: https://www.immigroup.com/atlantic-immigration-pilot-program

The short answer is "a job offer."

Riley Haas

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So a job offer solves this problem. But if you can't get one, I'd go through the various PNPs and see where their draws are right now. You can also make your profile open to all of them and see what happens.