Getting a SIN number with expired PR card


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Hello! I have a question. I was removed from Canada by my parents as a minor, and my PR card expired at the age of 15. After that, I would've liked to have come back but could not and I was completely dependent on my parents, in terms of permission and financially. However, I knew that until 22 I was considered a dependent in Canada and intended to enter before my 22nd birthday but because of covid was not able to.

I've now entered Canada, through the land border, as I explained my case to the immigration officer and he was sympathetic to my situation and allowed me entry as a permanent resident with no issues, he even stamped my passport and mentioned that he was allowing me to enter, as a permanent resident.

Now, I need to apply for a sin card as I never got one. I went to service Canada and attempted to explain my situation but they didn't really listen to me, dismissed me very easily and said that just being allowed to enter as a permanent resident did not make me a permanent resident, when I have read differently multiple times, including on your site. I've been under the impression that an expired PR card doesn't mean that my status as a PR had changed and especially because I was a minor when it expired.

They said i had to speak to an immigration officer about my status seperately and apply for a new PR card (even when I said I hadn't met the requirements). I'm not sure what to do now. I need a sin to be able to work, get photo ids, apply for a license, etc, but if I can't get a sin without a valid PR card, and I can't renew the PR card for the next two years, life in Canada will be very difficult. I've recently graduated, I just turned 22, I don't have savings and I'm just trying to start my life, I'd appreciate any advice on the matter.

Thank you!

Riley Haas

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So apparently there has been a change. For years the COPR/Record of Landing/Landing Paper was acceptable proof of status only many employees of many organizations refused to honour it. We used to suggest that you go to the office with a print-off of the relevant page on IRCC's website and be prepared to call IRCC while you're there.

However, that appears to have changed:

So, I'm sorry to say that it looks like you need a PR Card. How will you get one? Likely through a Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds appeal or some such thing. You will need to talk to a lawyer or immigration consultant about this.