good CRS score, low IELTS


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So I have currently 441 CRS score. However, in one of the components of IELTS, I have 5.5 which is below the minimum requirement.

Since my overall score is high, can i still get the ETA despite having low IELTS?

Is there a way I can still submit my application and then send my new IELTS score once I retake it?


Riley Haas

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No, you will need to up your IELTS score in order to get the Invitation to Apply (ITA). (The ETA is an entirely separate thing.) Sorry for the bad news.

Riley Haas

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If you're applying through FSW, this seems to say you are okay to apply with 5.5:
IELTS test should be General, not Academic? and an overall band is no less than 6.0 but what are requirements for each element ( listening, writing, reading, listening )? Thank you