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I am looking for some advice. I’ll start by explaining my current situation.

I left the UK by myself at age 19 to move to Canada on an IEC visa 1 year ago. I didn’t have much going for me in the UK and I have now found a job which I absolutely love and I want to pursue for a career, in Canada.

I currently work as a Carpenter’s helper for a construction company in British Columbia. I have worked for them the entire time I’ve lived in Canada, and I now am half way through my IEC visa, with only a year left. My aim is to get permanent residency, so I can start an apprenticeship in carpentry with the construction company I currently work for. They would absolutely be willing to take me on as an official apprentice and do everything they’re required to do for me.

I am hitting quite a few barriers at the moment and it’s very frustrating. To start, none of the PR pathways seem like they would work for me. They all require work experience in at least NOC B positions and I don’t have ‘official’ experience in a NOC B position because I simply am not old enough to have had a chance to.

Going back to the UK in a years time would be a nightmare for me and I am very lost on the best way for me to stay in Canada. The second I would become a permanent resident I would be starting a carpentry apprenticeship, and I know that carpenters are very wanted at the moment due to a shortage of young people doing apprenticeships in Canada.

How can I go about this???

I just wish there was a way I could explain my story to someone who has the authority to decide who gets PR, but I know most of the pathways are based on a points based system, so I feel like I wouldn’t even get a chance explain myself.

I know this probably seems rediculous and I’m just typing what I’m thinking at this point, and praying that someone will read this who is able to give me some valuable advice.