How can a Canadian bring his children in Canada born in Manila


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Hi..please I need some help of advice, so here I go;
I am married to a Canadian (naturalized) and we have three kids, last year he decide to went back in Ontario, and now he is planning to bring us (me and the kids) in Canada as soon as he can, but the problem is he doesnt even know where and how to start. He's been looking for immigration number that he can talk to but he cant (he said all was referring him to the website)

what should we do?
1. can he apply for sponsorship for me? and include the kids as dependents?
2. if the kids doesnt needed to be sponsored as they are also canadian citizen (coz the father is naturalized) then what should we do? apply for proof of citizenship?
3. how long does it takes to get a proof of citizenship?
4. can my husband apply for it while he is in ontario and the kids are in manila? is that possible?
5. or is it best that we apply for visitor visa so we can go there easily , then once we are there i can get for pr and get the proof of citizenship for the kids?

please help me :(

Riley Haas

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I responded to your message. To read it click on "My Messages" in the menu above. Let me know if you have further questions.