How to get job offer with open work permit


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I came to Vancouver with an open work permit visa as a dependent spouse, as my husband had a job offer in Vancouver. I have been applying for jobs on Indeed, BC jobs, and LinkedIn for 3 months now with over 100 job applications. I cannot understand what I am missing in the process but I am not hearing anything from the consultants or companies. I have been trying different positions and updating my CV but unfortunately, it is not working out. Most positions that are suitable for me are Software test engineer, the QA analyst, and Automation Tester. But even with a valid work permit, I am not getting any calls. Can you suggest me what I should do in this scenario or what is it that I am not aware of the Canadian job market?

Riley Haas

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Have you tried head hunters?

There might be free support services offered by the BC government which can help you find work.

We're an immigration consultancy which doesn't handle jobs so unfortunately we don't have the expertise to be of assistance.

Riley Haas

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You're welcome.

I'm in Ontario not BC, so I don't know for sure. But Ontario has free programs to help people with resumes and the like. Not sure if the same exists for BC, but I would assume so. There may be a status requirement, not sure about that either.

Good luck.