How to help my Daughter in Law married my son and have a Canadian baby

My Son sponsored his first wife 3 years ago, she decided left him (they were separated for almost for 2 years), they divorced already, it came out few months ago, now my son married again with another couple, they were common in law and have a 9 months old baby boy, the new wife is korean, she already asked for work permit extension last year, now she can not received the sponsorship because my son sponsored the first wife for 5 years (2 year left), could you please help us How to help her stay legal in Canada (they have their Marrying Certificate), 3 months now for expiring her work permit Visa, how she can be sponsored again by her husband?, Could he ask for any exception?, if not the wife need to leave Canada with the baby, we don't want they separate, their baby will suffer.

Riley Haas

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The baby would not have to leave if he was born in Canada.

Whether or not he could appeal the 5 year rule is a question for an RCIC or lawyer. I have never heard of that rule being waived for anyone, but that may just because I am not familiar with it.

What's her occupation? Is she eligible for PR as a skilled worker?
Thanks for your kind reply!

The baby is Canadian but need his mommy :(

They already asked about her occupation status and she is not elegible, Flourist, and daycare assistance.

Not any other way to help her? do you have the phone number RCIC to ask for support?