IEC Working Holiday Application open March 13th


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Hello there,

I set up my Kompass account ahead of the opening of applications for Ireland tonight. I mistakenly entered the wrong month for my DOB. Now in the section My IEC Application/Personal Information it is locked in as the wrong DOB and cannot be changed. Can you tell me how to rectify this?

Many thanks

Anthony Doherty

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Hey Alex,

Unfortunately the fastest way to correct this error is to set up another 2014 Kompass account. The application automatically filled out your DOB when you registered. You could contact IEC, but they probably won't get back to you in time. You still have plenty of time to register another account as they are not available until 8pm Dublin/ 4pm Ottawa tonight. Good luck


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Hi Anthony,

I just have a concern in relation to the personal and contact information in the application form. It requests you to type in your family and given name as shown in your passport, in my passport the family and given name are in capital letters should I type them in as capital letters?
Also in the contact information section they are seeking the country code should put in +353 or 011353?

Thank you.

Anthony Doherty

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You don't have to put your name in capital letters. Just capitalize the first letter of your given and family name. IEC just wants to make sure that the name you use matches the name on your passport. As for your phone number +353 is good.