IEC working Holiday Visas


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My IEC work permit expires on March 25th, Do you know when the new visas are coming out? I work in construction and I can't afford to stop working. I called citizenship and immigration Canada and they told me I need an LMO? Is this true? Any help would be appreciated. thanks

Anthony Doherty

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The working holiday visas for Ireland will be available on March 13th.So you don't need an LMO. Hopefully you will receive your IEC conditional acceptance letter before March 25th and then you can apply for your work permit. If you submit your work permit application before March 25th you will have implied status until you get your new work permit. If you do not have your conditional acceptance letter by the time your work permit expires you can apply for an extension of your current work permit before March 25th, this will also give you implied status. I hope this helps.