If someone gets married after becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada, can their spouse come with them to Canada on Canadian visitor visa


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I became permanent resident of Canada last year.
I am planning to get married next month in my country of birth, India.
My fiancé is also from India and she had already applied for Canadian visitor visa couple of years back and her visitor visa is still valid.
I have few questions :
1. I want to know if she can come with me to Canada after marriage and stay in Canada for up to 6 months, while I apply for PR sponsorship for her
2. are there any new/existing rules which prevent me from going ahead with my plan described above
3. Is there a provision where she can stay with me till her inland sponsorship application (processing time is 1 year acc to CIC) gets processed or should I go for outland sponsorship instead in my case
4. Irrespective of the method I choose for spousal sponsorship(inland/outland), is there a way my wife can stay with me in Canada till her application gets processed

I went through various sections on CIC website but couldn't find anything concrete relevant to my situation.
If anyone has had similar experiences, please share
Any pointers on my queries will be greatly helpful

Hoping to hear from the Immigroup community soon
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Let me try to answer your questions:
  1. Yes she can. Because she has a visitor visa the issue is entry: will they let her enter? During the pandemic there are additional steps that visitors need to take to travel to Canada (at least until March 21, at the earliest).
  2. Yes: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/flying-canada-checklist
  3. If/when she enters Canada, she can stay here as long as the application is being processed, past 6 months. However, that is on the understanding that, if the application is refused, she leaves immediately.
  4. The way you've described is how: she needs to travel to Canada with her visa and attempt to enter. She should probably wait until the border is fully open. If you are with her this could be both easier (you are a couple travelling together) and harder (it's pretty clear you're going to sponsor her for permanent residence, which is not a legitimate reason to come to Canada).
Hope this helps.