Immigrating with my mother


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Hi all,
I registered to this forum because I am so confused and I need help from experienced people like you.
I am 40 years old and I am so interested in applying for an immigration to Canada specially Quebec, I am not married and I don't have children but I support my mother who has 78 years old now, I am living alone with her since my father died in 1995 and I just can't leave her.
I have been informed that once I am accepted I can come then try to sponsor her but I want her to leave with me.
I know the fact that she is old might be a burden for the gouvernement but I am willing to sign any papers that prove that I will sponsor her financially, my mother is bilingual too, with a long professional experience.
I need to know what can I do to bring her with me before I apply for the immigration file
Is there a possibility to apply for a tourist visa for her so she can come with me if I am accepted then try to extend her stay once I am here ?
I know that there is a possibility that I might not be accepted but I need to know everything before I apply because as I mentioned I can't leave her, she is not just my mother she is like my child.
Any help will be very appreciated
Have a nice day all

Riley Haas

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Hi Aliaa,
I'm sorry to say the information you heard is correct: you can only sponsor her once you are a permanent resident yourself.

She could absolutely apply for a tourist visa to accompany you however it's highly unlikely she'd be approved without you here already. There is a "super visa" for parents but this is intended for the parents of permanent residents or citizens who haven't been sponsored yet.

Sorry for the bad news.