Immigrating with my mother


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Hi all,
I registered to this forum because I am so confused and I need help from experienced people like you.
I am 40 years old and I am so interested in applying for an immigration to Canada specially Quebec, I am not married and I don't have children but I support my mother who has 78 years old now, I am living alone with her since my father died in 1995 and I just can't leave her.
I have been informed that once I am accepted I can come then try to sponsor her but I want her to leave with me.
I know the fact that she is old might be a burden for the gouvernement but I am willing to sign any papers that prove that I will sponsor her financially, my mother is bilingual too, with a long professional experience.
I need to know what can I do to bring her with me before I apply for the immigration file
Is there a possibility to apply for a tourist visa for her so she can come with me if I am accepted then try to extend her stay once I am here ?
I know that there is a possibility that I might not be accepted but I need to know everything before I apply because as I mentioned I can't leave her, she is not just my mother she is like my child.
Any help will be very appreciated
Have a nice day all

Riley Haas

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Hi Aliaa,
I'm sorry to say the information you heard is correct: you can only sponsor her once you are a permanent resident yourself.

She could absolutely apply for a tourist visa to accompany you however it's highly unlikely she'd be approved without you here already. There is a "super visa" for parents but this is intended for the parents of permanent residents or citizens who haven't been sponsored yet.

Sorry for the bad news.


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Many people register their interest to sponsor their parents or grandparents for visitor visa Canada and IRCC is not able to accept the large number. This is why Canada holds a lottery in order to randomly select candidates to invite to apply. Before this is done, however, IRCC excludes all duplicate submissions to ensure equal opportunity in the lottery.
Very similar to the green card lottery in America, only there it is almost impossible to win

Riley Haas

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It's not that similar, I don't think. Also, it's relatively recent. It wasn't a lottery for the longest time. It was a free-for-all. The lottery is probably an improvement.