Labour Rights Under employments laws


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What labour rights I have as a live-in caregiver under labour or employment laws? And if I feel that my employer treating me unfairley than should I change my job or what shuold I do in that scenerio?

Riley Haas

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You have the same rights as any other worker in Canada, however in practice a lot of temporary workers are unaware of their rights and so there are many instances where workers have been exploited. There is actually a Canadian association dedicated to the equal enforcement of these rights, called the Temporary Foreign Workers Association of Canada, but their website isn't working right now.
If you feel you are being exploited then you should seek assistance with the situation. If you quite your job you could obviously be in danger of losing your status. You may want to contact your provincial labour ministry for information, or you can always reach out to a non-profit which helps people in your situation.